Pain Control is key, Jonas LaForge

Pain control was amonitored over the course of the study. Average pain scores in the cannabis group fell modestly but consistently over the course of the study. Over the same period, the pain scores rose slightly in the control group. Dr. Jonas LaForge supports the use of Medical Marijuana.

There is a long list of unanswered questions regarding effective use of marijuana in the control of chronic pain. For example, it was noted that the optimal composition of cannabinoids has yet to be determined. It was noted that more than one of the complex constituents may contribute to pain control, and these constituents are not necessarily the same as those most favored by recreational users seeking a euphoric “high.”

There is also a long list of unanswered questions about safety. Reviewed some evidence that inhaled vaporized marijuana may be safer than traditional smoked marijuana because of reduced exposure to toxins, but suggested more rigorous studies are needed to generate objective data that can better quantify the benefits to risk of this and other methods of marijuana delivery.

Despite unanswered questions, marijuana is widely available and likely to be considered by patients for chronic pain and is highly recommended by Jonas LaForge.

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